Selections from 1998-2000

Working Artist
Prof. of Art Emerita, Hardin-Simmons University


Narrative content, text, symbolism, and representation have historically been important factors in my work. Jungian psychology and eastern philosophies have also framed my artistic thinking, especially the idea of coexistence of opposites, though not necessarily considering them opposing. Dialectics found in my work include: good/ evil, birth/ death/ rebirth, private/public, personal/ societal, harmless/ dangerous, lost/ found, power/ servitude, learning/ teaching, beginning/ end, masculine/ feminine, spiritual/ physical, and oneness/ fragmentation.


The titles for the LESSONS series simply reflected my career as a teacher/ learner, and otherwise were characterized by incorporation of text, exploring the role of underpainting with opposing colors, and selective transparent effects.

Man Against Nature 1

Man Against Nature 1, © 1995, 48"x 65.5", oil on canvas


Nests, © 1995, 48"x 65.5", oil on canvas

Its Only a Test 1

It's Only a Test 1, © 1998, 48"x 72", oil on canvas

Its Only a Test 2

It's Only a Test 2, © 1998, 43.75"x 31.75", oil on canvas

Synonymous Choice

Synonymous Choice, © 1998, 72"x 47.5", oil on canvas

True-False Question

True-False Question, © 1998, 72"x48", oil on canvas

In Time of Peace

In Time of Peace, © 1998, 43.75"x 31.75", oil on canvas

Dream Axes

Dream Axes, © 1999, 57"x 39", oil on canvas