Linda Fawcettlinda fawcett

Working Artist
Prof. of Art Emerita, Hardin-Simmons University


My latest work I’m calling the Feral Fracking series. A series still in its infancy, Feral Fracking draws together the imagery of feral hogs and fracking oil fields, that for me have two important things in common: 1) both are very environmentally damaging and 2) both seemed to have proliferated exponentially in recent years.

Running almost concurrently with Feral Fracking is the Dryland series, focusing on a myriad of environmental conditions provoked by endemic lack of rainfall. 

Feral Fracking 1

Feral Fracking 1, ©2017, 22"x30", graphite, watercolor, marker on paper

Feral Fracking 2

Feral Fracking 2, ©2017, 20"x14", watercolor, gouache, marker on paper

Feral Fracking 3

Feral Fracking 3, ©2017, 20"x14", watercolor, gouache on paper

Feral Fracking 5

Feral Fracking 5, ©2017, 12"x12", watercolor & gouache on paper

Feral Fracking 7

Feral Fracking 7: Tea Leaf Prophecy, ©2019, 14"x29", watercolor,
crayon & gouache on paper

Wounded Self-Portrait

Wounded Self-Portrait, ©2015, 14"x20", watercolor on paper

Polar COVID Self-Portrait (My Last Year And a Half)

Polar COVID Self-Portrait (my past year and a half), ©2021, 16"x12", watercolor and gouache on paper 

Dryland 1

Dryland 1, ©2018, 20"x14", watercolor and gouache on paper

Dryland 2

Dryland 2, ©2018, 20"x14", watercolor on paper

Dryland 3

Dryland 3, ©2018, 12"x12", watercolor and ink on paper

Watershed 1

Watershed 1, ©2023, 40"x30", oil on canvas

Watershed 2

Watershed 2, ©2023, 12"x12", watercolor, gouache on paper